The mine - Fentomir's Study

4/1/984 - 3:30pm

Upon discovering that, in a party of seven adventurers, not a single one had thieves’ tools, Oleta was forced to pry the heavy door open using her crowbar. They found a presently unoccupied study furnished with a desk, a standing cabinet, a large pile of hay, and a torch. Locke went immediately to the desk and discovered a keyring with two keys, and a quill & ink well. Then, in an uncharacteristically impatient move, Zoltar strode into the room and said at a rather robust volume, “what’s going on in here?” At which point the party saw a giant rat the size of a small bear rise out of the straw pile. As they attacked, the rat hissed for more rat brethren, and it was a full-on brawl in this cramped study. At this point, however, rats are proving little more than an annoyance for our heroes.

After slaying the rats, more investigation revealed a map and two notes written in code. The party was able to decipher both notes on the spot.

Both were written from Felsamora to Fentomir, within the span of a week or two.

The older one read:

Tried to destroy this thing. Failed. Throw it down into the mine. Its the next best thing. Once done, stay there and set up a look out. Its time Astrif tasted Phentons woe. Not too deep, Brother. Remember the flats abandoned it for a reason.

The newer one read:

Think I have a solution. Pull your people out of Phenton by new moon. If this works it will be ugly. But in the end they will thank us.

Below is the map they discovered.



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